Thanksgiving Debauchery


Thanksgiving Debauchery

Oh, Thanksgiving. That wonderful time of year where we visit family, eat too much, drink excessively, and pray we’re really adopted (or is that just me??). Joking aside, Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. Here in Florida, the temperatures have finally dropped below 80 degrees, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is on TV, and everyone gets the chance to be reminded of the many blessings in their lives.

But Thanksgiving also has a dark side that we’re all aware of. It’s an ominous trap that we find ourselves scuffling into year after year. Sure, we may wake up with the best of intentions when it comes to sticking to our diets and practicing self-control. But then the food comes out.

It’s cruel, really. A few whiffs of deliciousness and we say to ourselves, “ah, I’ll make up for it at the gym tomorrow” as we proceed to gorge ourselves. But did you know that the average American consumes 3,000 to 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving day? Yeah, give that a moment to sink in…

3,000 to 5,000 calories!

You ain’t making up for that in an hour at the gym. In fact, the average person would have to run a full marathon to compensate for that level of overeating. I don’t think anyone on a diet sets out to stuff themselves silly on Thanksgiving day, but unless you start out with a plan, you could easily find yourself in the “OMG what did I just do to myself??!” camp when all is said in done.

So what can you do? I wish I had some magical poem you could recite or something, but I don’t. Sorry. All I’ve got is some old-fashioned advice (and perhaps a little kick in the derriere). It’s okay to treat yourself on Thanksgiving, but stay in control. Eat slowly and savor your food. Don’t go back for seconds, no matter how strongly the food seems to be calling you. Think about how good you’ll feel later, knowing you practiced self-control and didn’t derail your diet. Try to make healthy decisions. Go ahead, have a piece of pie for dessert — just don’t eat the entire thing.

Think about your goals. You didn’t join FitSmartDiet for entertainment — you did it because there are diet, health, and/or fitness goals you want to achieve. If people start to give you a hard time for not inhaling second helpings, tell them about your diet goals and then explain how much their support would mean to you.

That should shut them up 😉

Here’s to a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. Practice a little moderation and enjoy the holiday everyone!

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