Here are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from happy customers who have achieved lasting results through the FitSmart® Diet program.

Blood Sugar Under Control!!!!!!

Just a note to say that my sugar is under very good control thanks to you ! – Ramani


It Works !

I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high blood pressure, and I searched the internet to learn all I could do to make both levels go down. I came across this site, and just let me say I have have followed the diet plan, used the advice of my coach, learned about an alternative life style, and have had a great deal of fun using the site extensively. My blood sugar is completely normal without medication, I have lost 20 pounds rather quickly, my blood pressure is no longer high at all, and I am learning how to live a healthy life without the need for any medication. We are what we eat, and thanks to this simple, accurate diet plan and the advice on this site, I have more energy than I have ever had and my life is good again. Thank you so much.  – Tina B.


It Works!

…..Hey by the way, 2 more lbs. last week!!!! Fasting blood sugars are normal or near normal EVERYDAY. I can’t believe how simple and easy this is for me. Tell the person that developed this program, he’s almost a God! I’m so glad I found this website, I believe it’s going to save me from having to go on diabetes meds as long as I keep eating this way and exercising. Trust me even Weight Watchers didn’t work for me………  – Corinne


All this in twelve weeks.

After 11 weeks I have lost and gained muscle mass that combined lowered my weight by 18.5 pounds, my body fat loss has hit 6.9%. Through the site’s dietitians I found so many easy ways to insure the right amounts of fats, protein consumption and carbs which are everywhere in food. I found all you have to do is ask and keep asking and there are answers to insure your success. Twelve weeks after joining this site I went for my physical and received a PERFECT BLOOD TEST REPORT. I am now a believer in Oatmeal, I went from 199 mg/dl down to 137 mg/dl and my good cholesterol (HDL) went to 59. My bad cholesterol (LDL) was 106 mg/dl and it went down to 66 mg/dl. My triglycerides were 60 mg/dl, less then half of what is acceptable, 150 mg/dl. My AC1 which is a 3 month look at your sugar levels went from 8.1% down to 5.6%. Non diabetics test 6% or less in this test. All four of my liver tests came up range of an non-diabetic person. There were another 16 categories that were ALL in range for a non-diabetic person. My kidney test was clean, the protein that was showing up has gone away so I can now stop taking Altace to counteract that problem. And we are cutting my sugar med in half and will check backin two months to see if we can eliminate them entirely. All this in twelve weeks.   – Michael


Great Job !

Just want to say how much I’m enjoying the program.I’m following it as closely as possible and going slowly but surely.I also feel much better.I just have to do my exercise more regularly. You have so much information it’s unbelievable.Anyway, I have six others doing it so we have our own little support group and we love it. Thank you very much. It’s amazing how many people have signed up. Great job!!  – Ann


Revolutionary Program

I just want to thank you for this wonderful plan! I can just feel health “oozing” from me! I have energy, my skin is clear, and I am losing fat like crazy! This meal plan is revolutionary to me! I have tried everything under the sun, but this understanding I now have of maintaining my blood sugar levels is so awesome that I tell everyone about it! I can’t ever imagine going back to my old bad habits! Thank you for making this available to me, and free of charge at that! Keep up the good work!   – Diane


In 1 months time

So from March 28th of this year to April 28th, yesterday; I faithfully stayed on the diabetic diet that Dr. Rubin had sent to me AND I mean faithfully. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I went to my local gym and I must say it’s paid off thus far. Monday I got weighted & measured AND…………………DRUM ROLL: I’ve lost 12 inches & 14 1/2 pounds!!!  – Carolyn


Thank You

I will never be able to thank you enough for developing and maintaining this nutritional plan. On January 1, I weighed 217 lbs (I’m 5 ft tall) and would have been entirely happy if the only two foods on earth were chocolate and Pepsi. Within less than a week of starting this program, I had absolutely no dependence on either. I’ve lost 37 lbs and will be celebrating by playing in one of my favorite tennis tournaments in June. I stopped considering your program a diet a couple of months ago. It is and will continue to be a part of my life.  – Sheila Willis