4 Ways To Boost Your Exercise Calorie Burn

4 Ways To Boost Your Exercise Calorie Burn

Want to crank up the calorie burn you get with each workout session you do? If you are not seeing the fat loss results you want, it’s simply a matter of your calorie balance not quite being where it needs to be.

To remedy this solution, you either need to eat less or burn more. Most people are not so willing to cut back too terribly much on their food intake, which means burning more calories through exercise can be a viable solution.

Rather than spending more time in the gym however – something that most people won’t be able to do anyway, simply focus on increasing the calorie burn you get from the time you already spend in the gym.

Here’s how.

Superset Exercises

First, consider supersetting two exercises back to back with each other. So for instance, rather than doing a set of one exercise, resting, and then doing another set, simply pair two together.

This way, you can alternate back and forth, reducing how much total time you spend in the gym while boosting your calorie burn.

Do A Full Body Workout Routine

The second way to boost your overall calorie burn is to utilize a full body workout approach. Full body workouts are nice because they call for a minimal gym commitment (2-3 days of exercise is enough to see results) and since you are working so many muscle groups in each session you do, you’ll also burn more calories during each session you do.

Additionally, you’ll also spike your metabolic rate up higher as well, meaning you’ll burn more calories for hours after the workout is completed. This can translate to far better results than you’ve ever seen before.

Decrease Your Rest

Next up, also focus on decreasing your rest periods as well. Lower rest times mean higher calorie burn during the workout, shorter workout sessions, and more calorie burn after the workout as well.

As an added benefit, you’ll also make the strength training workout more cardiovascular in nature, meaning you can then cut back on how much additional cardio training you are doing overall with your workout program.

It’s a win-win for those of you who don’t like cardio workouts.

Just be sure that you never cut back your rest periods so much that you are no longer maintaining good form or lifting a weight that challenges you. That is not what you want for results.

Use Compound Exercises

Finally, last but not least, switch over to compound exercise more often if you aren’t already doing so. These are the exercises such as squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, bent over rows, and lunges. They’ll work multiple muscle groups all at once, increase your heart rate more, and help you burn calories far faster.

If you can use just one or two of these quick and simple workout techniques, you can rest assured that you will be seeing a higher calorie burn and faster overall fat loss results.

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