Good Nutrition is the Key to Weight Loss Success

Up to 80% of weight loss success is due to diet alone. No doubt, exercise is a critical component of long term weight loss and health, but exercise alone isn’t going to cut it.

With all the conflicting diet information available, it can be hard to figure out what YOU need to do to drop unwanted weight. One day, carbs are bad — the next, they’re good. One expert claims high-fat intake is the key to weight loss — another says it’s sabotage. Fad diets and diet pills promise to melt fat away — at a risk to your health.

So where do you begin? The key to healthy, lasting weight loss is to change the way you think about eating. Instead of using food as a system of reward and a tool in socializing, think of it as a key to nourishing and strengthening your body. Stop believing that “dieting” is the only way to reach your weight loss goals. Diets are miserable and only provide temporary success.

Ditch the diets and start eating the FitSmart® Diet way.

The FitSmart® Program

The FitSmart® Diet program includes everything you need for lasting weight loss results, including:

  • A Starter Kit Booklet loaded with great information.
  • Over 400 Personalized Recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Fast Food Options
  • Food Logs and a Daily Journal
  • Exercise Routines and Logs
  • Progress Charts

Online Diet Support . . plus much more!